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In the third lesson in Erik Olson’s perspective series, Erik demonstrates more complex referencing methods considering both 1 and 2 point perspective together in views. Many of the picture set-ups exhibit “in picture” methods that allow the artist to stay within the scene frame to achieve accurate diminishment. You will also learn about Camera frame […]

In this video lesson, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu demonstrates a rare master technique of drawing a realistic male head entirely from imagination. Glenn will discuss the major construction of the head and how to work into that framework, rendering with three colors, and creating a head and face with personality. You will also […]

In this second lesson of the series, artist and veteran instructor Erik Olson continues to demonstrate the process of referencing and determining scale in perspective as well as introducing set-up views and measuring in 1 point perspective. You will learn from drawings, lectures, and master paintings in order to show the critical relationship between an […]

In this video lesson, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu analyzes a drawing by Peter Paul Rubens in order to demonstrate how to handle extreme foreshortening. You will learn how to use overlaps and clear connecting volumes in addition to rendering techniques to create convincing foreshortening in your drawings. Glenn will also demonstrate other drawing […]

In this lesson, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu demonstrates drawing the head using a Rubens painting. You will learn how master artists construct heads three-dimensionally and then work into those heads to bring them to life. Glenn will cover how to: employ correct proportions, simplified the complex structures of the head, render using modeling […]