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Recently Added Video Lessons

In this unique video lesson world renowned artist Glenn Vilppu will teach you a clear, step-by-step approach to draw any animal. You will learn about the large anatomical differences among animals and how drawing animals relates to drawing the figure with a few differences, as well as how to break down the structure of animals. […]

In this video lesson, world-renowned painter Steve Huston will explore different approaches to painting the ear by breaking down the forms, construction, and anatomy of the ear from different angles, as well as analyzing master examples of ears by Rembrandt and J. C. Leyendecker. You will also learn how to deal with tone, light, and […]

Artist and veteran instructor Erik Olson demonstrates the options available for creating and determining degrees of inclines and declines for slopes as well as measuring and or referencing and positioning grids, objects, and figures on slopes. This includes the behavioral angle and position of objects and figures compared to the sloped surface they are on. […]