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Learn to make stunning drawing, painting, sculptures, and more — all at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my Standard subscription?

You get unlimited access to our entire library of video content, including all past video content and all content to be released. There aren’t “levels” of video lesson subscriptions, and videos don’t cycle out of availability. You watch whatever you want, whenever you want, on your phone, tablet, or computer. You also get access to the community forums where you can share your artwork and get feedback from other users.

What do I get with my Premium subscription?

You get access to everything in the Standard subscription, plus access to thousands of reference images of life models available for you to draw or sculpt from. You can even download high resolution versions of these images so you can use them as reference when you are not online. You also get unlimited access to our library of 3D models available right in your desktop browser. This includes our multi-layer anatomical anatomical models, our accurate reproductions of master works, and our scans of life models.

Did I really hear $35 per month?

Absolutely. Our monthly Standard plan starts at $39/month billed monthly. You can even save more by signing up for an annual plan, which would be $35/month bill once a year. We set out to revolutionize and democratize the art education world by offering unlimited access to hundreds of hours of superior instruction from some of the world’s best artists for a small fraction of the cost of other classes. We don’t believe you should have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get an amazing art education.

Really? $35? I spend twice that on gas.

Yes! Tell your friends and help us grow!

Are the prices going to change again?

Currently we don’t have plans to do so. The current rates are what we have planned for the foreseeable future.

Can I really learn art on the computer?

Yes, you can. Studies have shown that online education can provide a superior learning experience as opposed to on-site classes. There are a variety of advantages to learning with New Masters Academy.

  • Practice and learn on your own schedule
  • Pause, rewind, and watch lessons multiple times
  • Learn wherever you are from the subway to the gym and in your home
  • Get personalized feedback from instructors and peers
  • Learn from the top instructors (most of whom do not teach in person)
  • Get more actual lecture hours than any university or art school program
  • Learn techniques not fit for short classroom sessions such as glazing
  • Get access to thousands of images of models as well as 3D scans right in your browser (These “models” don’t charge by the hour and they don’t take breaks)
  • With subscriptions starting at $39 per month, there’s no reason you need to choose one over another. Continue with whatever in-person classes or art sessions you’re already attending on top of your New Masters Academy subscription.

Is there a minimum number of months I have to commit to?

No! If you like you can subscribe for one month and cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll get access through the end of the current billing cycle. We do offer an annual plan, which provides you with a discount.

What do I need to watch New Masters Academy video lessons?

To view our video lessons you must use the latest version of a modern web browser – such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari – and have a broadband Internet connection.

What do I need to access the 3D Content Library?

To access our 3D Content Library you must have a desktop computer with a broadband internet connection and a minimum of 6 GB of memory. You must also have a graphics card capability of rendering intensive 3D applications.

How does mobile device access work?

Your Standard subscription allows you to watch instruction from a mobile device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and more. Currently only devices capable of running Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are supported.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription any time?

Yes you can! At any time you can switch your subscription to better meet your educational needs.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds once you pay for a subscription.

Do you have a Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy?

Yes. You can find our Terms and Conditions here and our Privacy policy here.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! We want you to get the world’s best art education at the world’s best price.