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New Masters Academy Reviews

Here is just a sample of the overwhelming unsolicited testimonials that we receive each and every day.

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The world I know suddenly became much smaller. Don’t know if I should thank you yet, but WOW!

—Nancy Y. February 2014

Looking forward to review all of the material

I learned tons of new things. Looking forward to review all of the material. Best of luck to everyone.

—Adam H. February 2014

Absolutely wonderful!

So valuable. Thanks to the NMA team.

—Lyn B. February 2014

Amazing Resource

Awesome program! This is such an amazing resource and I feel very lucky to have found it! Love the 3D models and the great artists they have featured!

—Daniel M. November 2013

Dream come true

I’ve always wanted to go to art school. Now I have the best instructors I could ever hope for! Dream come true!

—Noemi M. October 2013

Merci Beaucoup

Living in France with very few willing instructors. I appreciate all the knowledge from New Masters Academy. I’m enjoying it and learning so much. Now I’m sculpting and improving my Oil Painting. Merci Beaucoup!!

—Caranado W. September 2013

Loved it

I Just finished Steve Huston’s Introduction to Art and loved it!

—Leif L. September 2013

Making my dream possible

As a self- taught professional artist, my dream was to always go back to a really good art school. Thanks for making my dream possible.

—Hung P. September 2013

So many talented artists to choose from

Thank you for this great website, with so many talented artists to learn from

—Rasmus A. September 2013

Had the greatest time

Had the greatest time this afternoon going through three of Glenn Vilppu’s drawing videos. It’s like being back in art school and I was very happy with the results

—John S. August 2013

You are truly a living master

Thanks so much to Steve Huston for freeing me up to be a better painter. You are truly a living master.

—Keith G. December 2013

I luuuuuuuuve Steve Huston’s videos!

I luuuuuuuuve Steve Huston’s videos!

—Rita E. December 2013

Really enjoying Steve’s classes

Steve Huston is not only a talented painter is also a great teacher. I’m really enjoying his classes in New Masters Academy

—Gara B. November 2013

Very helpful at getting me started

I watched every minute of Kamille Corry’s hand lesson as soon as it was released. I’ve been focusing on everything else except the foot and hand for the past few months and this was very helpful at getting me started. I knew a little about the hand and this pointed out many things I wasn’t aware of. It’s simple to follow as well and I like how it was simplified. Well worth the money spent.

—Justin M. August 2013