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Life-changing art courses

Russian Drawing Course

Iliya Mirochnik / 50+ hours

Impressionist Landscape Painting

Ben Fenske / 43+ hours

Gesture Figure Drawing

Glenn Vilppu / 52+ hours

Color Theory Bootcamp

Bill Perkins / 39+ hours

Pastel Painting Atelier

Ellen Eagle / 16+ hours

Watercolor Sketchbook Course

Steve Huston / 15+ hours

Constructive Figure Drawing

Steve Huston / 43+ hours

Sketching on Location

Glenn Vilppu / 12+ hours

Rendering Techniques

Chris Legaspi / 7+ hours

Traditional Head Drawing

Glenn Vilppu / 30+ hours

How to Draw Animals

Joe Weatherly / 9+ hours

The Spirit of the Pose

Karl Gnass / 28+ hours

Constructive Figure Painting

Steve Huston / 60+ hours | Coming 2019

Sketching in Gouache Paints

Steve Huston / 15+ hours

A Colorist Approach to Painting

John Asaro / 5+ hours

Oil Painting Atelier

Juliette Aristides / 10+ hours

Introduction to En Plein Air Painting

Ben Fenske / 43+ hours | Coming 2019

Contemporary Realism in Oils

Hollis Dunlap / 20+ hours

Modeling the Portrait in Clay

Johanna Schwaiger / 13+ hours

Drawing in Space

Robert Bodem / 40+ hours

Clay Modeling in the American Western Tradition

Ed Fraughton / 29+ hours

Mold Making for Sculptors

Matt Lewis / 11+ hours

Observational Figure Modeling

David Simon / 24+ hours

Sculpting from 3D Reference

James Stewart / 12+ hours

Human Anatomy for Artists

Rey Bustos / 17+ hours

Perspective Master Course

Erik Olson / 111+ hours

Elements of Traditional Composition

Glenn Vilppu / 14+ hours

Finding your Voice as an Artist

Danny Galieote / 39+ hours

The ”Anatomy“ of Artistic Style

Bill Perkins / 6+ hours

Color Theory Bootcamp

Bill Perkins / 39+ hours

Classic Environment Illustration

Gary Meyer / 18+ hours

Visual Storytelling for Film

Bill Perkins / 24+ hours | Coming 2019

The Frank Reilly Illustration Drawing Approach

Mark Westermoe / 42+ hours

Movie Poster Design

Mark Westermoe / 26+ hours | Coming 2019

Creature Design for Film & Games

Carlos Huante / 9+ hours

Creature Maquette Sculpting

Jordu Schell / 11+ hours

An Introduction to Drawing for Beginners

Various / 18+ hours

Oil Painting for Beginners

Charles Hu / 32+ hours | Coming 2019

How to Draw the Head & Face Step-by-Step

Steve Huston / 29+ hours

How to Draw the Figure

Glenn Vilppu / 52+ hours

A Beginner's Guide to Modeling in Clay

Various / 13+ hours

How to Draw Hands

Steve Huston / 7+ hours

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Glenn Vilppu

Glenn Vilppu

Johanna Schwaiger

Johanna Schwaiger

Steve Huston

Steve Huston

Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides

Charles Hu

Charles Hu

John Asaro

John Asaro

Robert Bodem

Robert Bodem

Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins

Ben Fenske

Ben Fenske

Chris Legaspi

Chris Legaspi

Iliya Mirochnik

Iliya Mirochnik

Edward Fraughton

Edward Fraughton

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