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In this lesson, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu demonstrates head drawing using a Rubens painting. You will learn how master artists construct heads three-dimensionally and then work into those heads to bring them to life. Glenn will cover how to: employ correct proportions, simplified the complex structures of the head, render using modeling tone, […]

In this first lesson of the series, artist and veteran instructor Erik Olson introduces perspective in a complete and unabridged pictorial form for artists. Erik walks you through the process of integrating compositional thumbnails and sketches with perspective all the way through to fully formal, measured perspective. You will learn how to use perspective as […]

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In this lesson master sculptor Eric Michael Wilson demonstrates a foundational exercise for sculptors that teaches you how to tackle a complex set of sculptural forms from Michelangelo’s famous David sculpture. In this traditional exercise, you have the opportunity to study and analyze forms at a large and controlled context without the pressures and compounding […]

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In this lesson master sculptor Eric Michael Wilson show you how to build your own flexible armature for figure sculpture using an aluminum wire. Eric will teach you everything you need to know, including materials, tools, and a step-by-process to constructing your armature, getting proportions correct, building an armature support stand and planning future moulding […]

In this lesson world-renowned draftsman and painter Steve Huston provides you with unique and comprehensive insights on painting technique, approaches and theory. You will learn about harmonizing full color paintings as well as critical artistic formulas. Steve will also demonstrate different approaches to painting include the Brown School and Impressionist painting approaches.   Materials Sharpie […]

In this lesson world-renowned draftsman and painter Steve Huston guides you through the often mystified and misunderstood subject of color theory. In his usual clear and approachable style, Steve will teach you about the color wheel, value, complimentary colors, temperature, and intensity. You will also learn some of the core principles of the laws of […]

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