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In this video lesson, world-renowned painter Steve Huston will teach you approaches for painting the particularly difficult area of the mouth. Steve will focus primarily on three dimensional structure, simplifying volumes to create a convincing mouth that reads well on the canvas. Materials Gamblin Artist Grade Oil Colors Simply Simmons Paintbrush Canvas Panel

Master painter and illustrator Gary Meyer demonstrates an approach to painting a cityscape from a raised view completely from imagination. You will learn how to use correct perspective and simplified forms to construct a complex urban scene that is realistically lit by a parallel sun, as well as techniques for mixing paints and creating correct […]

Artist and veteran instructor Erik Olson introduces the concepts and facts of various slopes and sloped objects with inclines and declines of various degrees. Finding the auxiliary vanishing points that these slopes lead to, as well as demonstrating estimated reference and measuring methods for slopes surfaces are covered, along with determining how to size and […]