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In this video series master sculptor Ed Fraughton creates sculptures of animals almost entirely from imagination. You will gain a unique insight into the thought processes and working habits of a seasoned master sculptor. In this video lesson Ed Fraughton creates a parrot on a perch using oil based clay. Materials Chavant Le Beau Touché […]

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In this video lesson artist and author, Juliette Aristides will take you through the process of creating an oil painting of a woman from behind from start-to-finish. You will learn the practical steps required from the initial study to a more complete work. Juliette will demonstrate various concepts such as value, line, chiaroscuro, form, color […]

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In this video lesson artist and author, Juliette Aristides walks you through a comprehensive approach to drawing and painting with a particular focus on preparatory sketches. Juliette both draws and paints a still life by moving through several clear and logical stages, starting with charcoal and finishing with oil paint. Materials Nitram Academie Fusains Charcoal […]

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In this video lessons world-renowned painter Steve Huston will teach you a structural approach to painting the landscape. Steve will cover the overall construction of elements within your piece as well as gradation, foreground versus background, shape, positive and negative space and the Three Value System. Materials Sharpie Marker Newsprint Carbothello Pencil – Burnt Umber […]

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