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Recently Added Video Lessons

In this series, instructor Charles Hu teaches you his approach to beginning head drawing. This six-part series will cover: Proportions, the Structure of the Skull, Laws of Light, Achieving Likeness, Facial Features, and Facial Expressions. In this first lesson you will learn Charles’ methods for finding correct proportions of the head and features of the […]

In this series, instructor Chris Legaspi shows you how to use Adobe Photoshop as an artist. This second lesson in the series will go over what Chris refers to as, “The 5 Major Tools.” These include: Layers, Keyboard Shortcuts, Custom Brushes, Selection Tools, and Images Adjustments. Chris will go over each of these tools in-depth, […]

In this series, acclaimed artist and instructor Gary Meyer will impart on you his knowledge of multi-point perspective, light and shadow, and reflections. Gary continues his series with this lesson on drawing in Two-Point Perspective. He elaborates on different techniques for dividing lines, repeating rectangles, and checking for distortion in your perspective drawings. Materials 18″ […]

In this series, artist Danny Galieote tackles a challenging topic that everyone eventually faces: how to find your personal voice as an artist. This first lesson will cover Danny’s influences on Looseness, Rhythm, and Appeal. He will discuss various Pontormo works as well as a variety of animation drawings that helped to shape his voice […]