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In the final lesson of Glenn Vilppu’s Animal Drawing series, he focuses on our feathered brethren– birds. Their compact resting positions, their elongated gestures during flight, and their wonderful textures offer excellent drawing opportunities. The many different kinds of winged animals share a similar inner structure, but their outer cloak of feathers hides much of […]

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In Part 4 of Glenn Vilppu’s Animal Drawing series he focuses on deer, sheep, goats, and other grazing animals. Specifically, he’ll be drawing two-toed ungulates. You’ll see how the structure of their heads, their legs, and the connection between their necks and shoulders are suited for their lifestyle. The last chapter is a timed assignment […]

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The next step in preparation for the long-pose figure drawing project is to draw a medium long-pose. Iliya considers this to be any pose that’s worked on for 2-4 hours– enough time to introduce some anatomical elements and to bring the drawing to relative completion. This slow build toward your long pose figure project is vital to the success of your drawing.

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