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Artist and veteran instructor, Erik Olson begins by discussing the concepts and content of Lectures 01-05 in the context of now having experienced and drawn with them as an artist. This Lecture then proceeds with demonstrating 2 point perspective with both “in picture methods” which are estimating foreshortened space, as well as “fully measured” perspective. […]

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Artist and veteran instructor, Erik Olson approaches this lecture with making a basic plan of an environment and then realizing two measured views of the environment. Objects are drawn behaving mostly in 1 Point perspective. Following this, drawn diagrams and multiple digital draw overs, on paintings and photographs, demonstrate 1 Point perspective views with 2 […]

Artist and veteran instructor, Erik Olson demonstrates mechanical ellipse creation as well as critically analyzing the restrictions of viewing scenes through camera frames within the cone of vision. Working from simple plans, measured images are created along with many figures variously positioned in strict 1 Point perspective in drawing form and a 3-D program walk […]

World-acclaimed artist, Steve Huston, teaches you the essentials for creating three-dimensional drawings and paintings. You will learn how to use simple, characteristic forms that fit within a curved gesture to communicate clear visual information to your viewer. You will explore how to connect simplified volumes so that the action reads. Materials Sharpie Marker – Black […]

World-acclaimed artist, Steve Huston, tackles one of art’s most complex and elusive subjects: the human figure. Steve gives you an essential crash course of the structure, proportion, and gender variations of the figure. You will learn how to simplify and construct the figure from simple characteristic shapes and forms for more direct, readable, and powerful […]