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In this drawing demonstration, creature designer and art director Carlos Huante shares with you his process of designing a creature from imagination. Unlike the first two demonstrations in this series, Carlos steers away entirely from human characteristics and creates an octopus-inspired sea creature entirely from imagination. Carlos shares his techniques and thoughts throughout the demonstration, […]

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In this series, figure drawing instructor, Karl Gnass, will show you how to draw an entire figure through his five crucial stages: Gesture, Formulation, Anatomy, Light and Tone, and Aesthetics. In this third lesson of the series, Karl will share with you the Formulation stage, which is a crucial step in recognizing and understanding forms […]

In this series, master draftsman Glenn Vilppu shares with you his approach to figure drawing. In this fifth lesson of the series, Glenn covers basic procedure–the process of combining everything you’ve learned so far. Glenn begins with a lecture, recapping Gesture, Spheres, Boxes, and Cylinders. He will then illustrate how to combine these concepts in […]

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