Human Anatomy for Artists

Art anatomist Rey Bustos brings his world-famous series of anatomy blackboard lectures to New Masters Academy. Rey is passionate about anatomy and his love for the subject matter is infectious to all artists who study with him. Improve your figurative art skills and ignite your lifelong interest for anatomy with Rey's comprehensive beginner-friendly course!

7 Lessons 17h 2m 47s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Common Questions

Is this Learning Path recommended for beginners?

No, this is a more advanced Learning Path so we do not recommend it for beginners.

Rey uses a digital tablet in some of his demonstrations. Do I need to use digital media to complete this Learning Path?

Not at all! You can use whatever medium you prefer.

Are assignments included in this Learning Path?

No, there are no separate sections for assignments in this series. We recommend that you draw along with Rey, take notes and copy the demonstrations to get the most out of this Learning Path!