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In the final lesson in the Fundamentals course, you will be combining all of the concepts and training you have learned thus far. Using the stretched canvas that you made at the beginning of this course you will draw John Asaro’s planes of the head sculpture from the photos provided. You will focus on turning form, establishing clear planes, clearly showing your light source and developing proper values and value relationships.

In this lesson, you will be putting together all of the skills you have learned thus far. Your project will be to draw a still life, consisting of geometric forms arranged in an interesting group. Your skills at construction, measuring, and building up value in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional form will all be put to the test. Iliya will demonstrate the project first and you will then work on your version from home.

For years, master artist Steve Huston has been asked how he creates his beautiful sketchbooks. In this series, he will teach you how to blend two very distinct processes into one great way to do studies – or for that matter – finishes. Covering landscape, still-life, and figure, Steve shows you why watercolor is such a great tool […]

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World-acclaimed artist, Steve Huston, teaches you the essentials for creating three-dimensional drawings and paintings. You will learn how to use simple, characteristic forms that fit within a curved gesture to communicate clear visual information to your viewer. You will explore how to connect simplified volumes so that the action reads. Materials Sharpie Marker – Black […]

In this video lesson, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu demonstrates the importance of controlling value in order to create more realistic and efficient drawings. Through a series of examples including heads, architecture, foliage, and the figure, you will learn how critical it is to develop the dexterity required to control your values and how […]

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