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    Hey Paul,

    Congratulations on finishing your challenge! You already started  strong, but judging from your last post, this challenge has helped you to find some things that you can improve within  your process. Stepping back and taking a fresh look at your work is really a good suggestion. I wish the best for you and your art!

    Best wishes


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    Thanks Ramona. I really appreciate your comments!

    David CarterDavid Carter
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    Thanks, Paul. My thread is here:

    You have inspired me to resume my challenge.  I’m going to make a concerted effort to draw a minimum of 15 minutes each day which isn’t really enough to improve rapidly but at least it’s better than nothing.

    At the moment, I’m ploughing through the plaster cast sketching course (part of the beginner’s course) which I’m not really enjoying to be honest – I find it really quite hard, but I think it will help me improve.  It looks simple at first sight (like black and white – how hard can that be?!) but actually I find it pretty complicated – I think it’s the interplay of light and shadow on complex human shapes.  I feel it’s a bit over my head, since I haven’t really properly studied proportion and so on, but it’s something I can revisit later.

    Moving yes is a tremendous hassle.  Not only did I need to move house, but also move a workshop too – with machinery and everything!  This happened the week before Christmas – terrible time of year to be doing all that.  I did my back in actually through all the lifting and six weeks later it is still recovering. I’ve now found a new house to move into, but it’s not finalise yet and I’ve decided that I don’t care about the cost, I’m just going to get a professional team of movers in and pay for it on credit!!

    Looking forward to your next challenge, whatever you decide on the theme.   For me it’s just a general challenge.

    Best wishes,




Viewing 3 posts - 346 through 348 (of 348 total)

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