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Join the NMA production team as they go on-location to capture the magnificent Glenn Vilppu drawing his horses, dogs, goats, sheep, llamas, and chickens at his California ranch! He begins by lecturing on the fundamental structural differences between species. Conceptualizing an animals anatomy will aid you in understanding their behaviors– this is important because you’re […]

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In this drawing demonstration, creature designer and art director Carlos Huante shares with you his process of designing a creature from imagination. Unlike the first two demonstrations in this series, Carlos steers away entirely from human characteristics and creates an octopus-inspired sea creature entirely from imagination. Carlos shares his techniques and thoughts throughout the demonstration, […]

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World-renowned painter Steve Huston will perform a quick oil paint demonstration of a sheep. You will learn that what we often describe as “white” colors are actually just relatively lighter variations on warms and cools and how to apply these concepts to your own work. Materials Gamblin Artist Grade Oil Colors Simply Simmons Paintbrush Birch […]

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