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Intro to Painting Tools and Materials with Steve Huston

Intro to Painting Tools and Materials
Learn the Basics of Oil Painting Materials! Get started in oil painting by understanding your supplies

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Steve Huston
Oil Paints
55m 43s

World-renowned painter Steve Huston walks you through an overview of the tools and materials that you need when painting and how certain approaches work well with different painting schools. You will learn how to use materials to control how fast your paint dries, and you will also learn about the best solutions for cleaning your brushes.


  • Bristle and Sable Oil Painting Brushes – Flats, Filberts, and Rounds
  • Artists’ Grade Oil Paint – Gamblin, Winsor & Newton, and Grumbacher
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Canvas Board or Panels
  • Plywood or Cardboard
  • Blick Master Gesso
  • Gamblin Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits
  • Silicoil Brush Cleaner Tank
  • Paper Towels or Rags
  • Palette Knives
  • Metal Paint Scraper
  • Glass Palette
  • Gamblin Cold Pressed Linseed Oil
  • Winsor & Newton Liquin Original
  • Winsor & Newton Original Artists’ Varnish
Beginner Friendly

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