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A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing | Lesson 5: Core Principles with Bill Perkins, Heather Lenefsky

A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing | Lesson 5: Core Principles
New to Art? Get Started with the Beginner's Program! Now that you've learned the basics, Heather and Bill will teach you the core principles all artists should know

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Bill Perkins, Heather Lenefsky
Art Theory, Drawing
Marker, Pencil
7h 33m 55s
A Beginner's Guide to Drawing

The New Masters Academy Beginner Series helps aspiring artists start their artistic journey on the right foot. Your expert instructors will gently guide you to an understanding of drawing fundamentals. In this fifth lesson of the series, New Masters Academy instructor Heather Lenefsky and Disney art director, Bill Perkins, will teach you about the core principles of drawing. You will learn about Gesture and Rhythm, and how to control your composition’s values using Major and Minor Keys. You will also be taken through the process of how to set up and draw a still life.



  • General Charcoal Pencil
  • Conté a Paris Sketching Pencil – Brown, Black
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Copic Sketch Marker – W6, W10
  • Adhesive Note Pad (“Sticky Notes”)
Beginner Friendly

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