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An Observational Approach to the Figure in Clay

Join professional sculptor David Simon as he teaches you his approach to modeling the figure in oil-based-clay from start to finish. In this comprehensive course, David leaves nothing out of his process. You will learn how to build an armature, how to work with a live model, how to block in your sculpture and use observational skills to resolve the form.

7 Lessons 24h 37m 28s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

David begins by reevaluating the model as a whole. He then revisits the lower body, dealing with the knee, lower legs, upper legs, and blocking in the feet. He also spends some time blocking in the head. With the exception of the hands and some awkward transitions in the arms, David brings the sculpture to a better sense of balance in form.
David dives head first into developing and refining the head, beginning with checking the angles and widths, then continuing down from the head to resolve and refine the relationships and transitions into the back. David then works up and down the model, pushing the forms and relationships to greater sense of balance, before refining the hands and breasts. David ends with an overview of his sculpting tools and leaves us with some final thoughts on his sculpture.
Ellen Eagle