In the beginning of this lesson, David refines the left side of the face and lays out the facial symmetry. After that, he cuts the sculpture’s neck through with a wire and changes the pose of the sculpture to give some movement to it. Then David adjusts the neck and the lower part to the new pose and adds more details to the neck connection with the head and the shoulders. You will also learn how to give movement to certain facial features like eyes or lips. 

In this lesson, David lays in the shoulders, the collar bones, and the sternum. He also adds mass to the lower part of the sculpture to balance out the upper part. Then David demonstrates how you can adjust the relationships between the right ear, the neck, and the hair by adding or removing volume and refining transitions.  He adjusts the forehead-hairline-temple relationships the same way. Finally, you see how the right side of the portrait gets more and more specified. 

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