Photoshop for Beginners

It's impossible to be an artist today without hearing about the image creation and editing software Adobe Photoshop. If you've never learned how to use this powerful creative tool, Chris Legaspi is here to help! In this course, Chris will assume nothing and teach you everything you need to know to leverage photoshop for your own artistic purposes, with step-by-step demonstrations and assignments.

6 Lessons 19h 46s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Common Questions

I'm not a digital artist. Can I still use this Learning Path?

Yes! In addition to covering the basics of using photoshop, Chris demonstrates how to use it as a tool for traditional artists. If you are unfamiliar with photoshop, you will find a lot of uses for it through this Learning Path!

Is this Learning Path only recommended for advanced students?

Not at all! This Learning Path is appropriate for all levels.

Are assignments included in this Learning Path?

Yes! Assignments are included in each video so you can practice the concepts covered in each section.