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Designing Your Landscape Painting

Follow instructor Stapleton Kearns through the howling deserts of Joshua Tree, the coast of Point Lobos, and the colorful fall landscape of Vermont, as he teaches you the New England style of landscape painting. Stapleton will take you through his decision-making process on how to masterfully design and construct different elements in a landscape painting. Along the way, you will learn his tips and tricks on brushes, paints, and personal techniques. Moreover, this 14-week course includes a 7-part docuseries that brings you into the heart of the New England painting tradition, and introduces you to the people, history, and culture in which this style is rooted.

15 Lessons 35h 42m 0s of videos

The scene where this lesson takes place, is known for its single live oak tree. During this week, Stapleton goes over different “gremlins”, the foreseeable design problems. You will learn to control your color while painting landscapes from life. This lesson includes a tour of Movalli Gallery.

In week seven, by the glistening waters of Granite Point Trail, Point Lobos, Stapleton teaches you how to arrange different elements in a scene by their importance. You will be introduced to the painting technique that he uses for seascapes. This lesson includes an interview with artist and gallery owner T.M. Nicholas.

With only a few hours before the tide comes in, Stapleton shows you how to paint with proficient speed. In week ten, you will learn how to achieve the fluid motion of waves, reflectance of lights, and create the illusion of wet surfaces. This lesson includes an interview with artist and teacher Dale Movalli.

Common Questions

Is this course suitable for beginners?

This course is recommended for advanced level. Instructor Stapleton Kearns focuses on the design aspect in landscape painting, instead of the fundamentals.

Where is the 7-part docuseries located?

7 inspiring clips of the docuseries are sprinkled throughout the course, in order to keep you motivated and entertained in between lessons.

Are there any assignments in this course?

This course includes 14 downloadable assignment PDFs, that help you practice the materials taught by instructor Stapleton Kearns. Keeping up with these assignments will maximize your learning outcomes.

What materials will I need to get for this course?

A material PDF list is linked in each lesson under description. Please check the file to see what you need to prepare.