An Introduction to Painting with Steve Huston

Master artist Steve Huston offers you a carefully-constructed introduction to painting in this Learning Path. Whether you're new to the medium or a seasoned painter, Steve's approach to painting offers something for everyone to learn.

20 Lessons 26h 37m 19s of videos

Level 1

Level 2

In this lesson world-renowned draftsman and painter Steve Huston provides you with unique and comprehensive insights on painting technique, approaches and theory. You will learn about harmonizing full color paintings as well as critical artistic formulas. Steve will also demonstrate different approaches to painting include the Brown School and Impressionist painting approaches.   Materials Sharpie […]
In this video lesson, world-renowned painter Steve Huston will dive deeper into impressionist outdoor color theory and teach you ways to use warm and cool colors in conjunction to improve your paintings. Steve will analyze a painting by Peder Severin Krøyer and demonstrate some ways to apply vibrant colors to your outdoor paintings. Materials Gamblin […]
In this video lesson world-renowned painter Steve Huston will continue to explore the outdoor color theory of the famous impressionist painters. In this lesson Steve will analyze a painting by Spanish impressionist Joaquin Sorolla paying particular attention to Sorolla’s use of color. Materials Gamblin Artist Grade Oil Colors Simply Simmons Paintbrush Canvas Panel

Level 3

Common Questions

Is this Learning Path recommended for beginners?

Yes! If you are new to oil painting this is a great place to start.

Steve uses some specific colors in his demonstrations. Do I have to use the same colors?

Yes. In this case, the colors used can make a big difference. We recommend that you use the same colors as Steve.

Are assignments included in this Learning Path?

No, there are no separate sections for assignments in this series. We recommend that you paint along with Steve and copy the demonstrations to get the most out of this Learning Path.