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Long Poses in Charcoal – Part 1: Amy with Steve Huston

Long Poses in Charcoal – Part 1: Amy
Steve Huston Doing what he does best!

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Steve Huston
Human Figure
2h 12m 3s
Long Poses in Charcoal

In this series, master artist Steve Huston demonstrates his approach to long pose charcoal drawings at the NMA studio. He’ll share with you his techniques for preparing materials, mark-making, drawing warmup poses, arranging the model (Amy), and rendering a finish, all while explaining his thought processes!

Steve Huston is an internationally renowned painter and draftsman. Huston was born and raised in Alaska. He studied at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, while working construction each summer to pay his tuition. Even before graduating with his BFA, Huston began illustrating for such clients as Caesar’s Palace, MGM, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios among others. Huston began teaching life drawing and painting, composition and anatomy; first at his alma mater, then at the Disney, Warner Brothers, and Dreamworks Studios. He began his career as a fine artist in 1995, winning top prizes at the California Art Club Gold Medal Show that year and the following. Huston continues exhibiting his work widely.


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