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How to Design Movie Posters Part 10: Finishing Your Movie Poster with Mark Westermoe

How to Design Movie Posters Part 10: Finishing Your Movie Poster
A Finished Hand-Painted Movie Poster Mark shows his workflow of finishing a movie poster with an airbrush

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In this unique course, Mark Westermoe, the creator of feature film posters for blockbusters like Braveheart, Total Recall, and Home Alone, teaches you how to design a movie poster. This course will teach you how to go from developing ideas for your poster with thumbnail sketches, through preliminary drawings, all the way through to a finished poster. Mark will cover the business side of designing movie posters, including how to get into this rewarding field of work. You will also learn the history of advertising illustration, and learn many insider tricks and finishing techniques.

In this last lesson, Mark demonstrates his approach to a hand-painted movie poster finish which is a combination of an airbrush, a wax pencil, acrylic paint, and floetrol. He will give you a sequence of painting and drawing that will lead to a finished poster.


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