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How to Design Movie Posters

In this unique course, Mark Westermoe, the creator of feature film posters for blockbusters like Braveheart, Total Recall, and Home Alone, teaches you how to design a movie poster. This course will teach you how to go from developing ideas for your poster with thumbnail sketches, through preliminary drawings, all the way through to a finished poster. Mark will cover the business side of designing movie posters, including how to get into this rewarding field of work. You will also learn the history of advertising illustration, and learn many insider tricks and finishing techniques.

10 Lessons 19h 39m 30s of videos

Level 1

In this lesson, you will learn how to properly sort and organize your work materials, such as photo references, head designs, and thumbnail concept sketches. Mark will explain the importance of being organized for meeting deadlines and cover the labeling requirements. He will also introduce a workflow of drawing a montage composition and show the difference between tracing and designing heads and figures.

Level 2

In this lesson, you will learn how to plan and set up a photoshoot of your body doubles. Mark does 3 photographs for 3 different compositions and shows how to size them to 6’x9’ standard format, using a photocopier. Then he sizes actors’ heads the same way and attaches them to body double photos. Now he is ready to start drawing the comp. He takes you through this whole process so you could repeat it yourself and use body doubles in creating your poster.