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Geometry and Structure with Glenn Vilppu

Geometry and Structure
Master the Art of Composition! Learn how to create a sense of order and grace in your work

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Glenn Vilppu
Art Theory
Colored Pencil
52m 37s
Foundations of Composition

In the Foundations of Composition video lesson series, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu offers you a rich understanding of the complex subject of composition in fine art. Glen lectures, demonstrates, and analyzes the Old Masters in his usual straightforward and concise style as he digs down to the practical tools of composition and how they can be applied to your own work.

In this fifth lesson, Glenn discusses the use of geometry and structure in composition, in relation to the frame and other elements within the picture. You will learn a powerful and organic approach to structure that does not confine your work to rigid rules, but instead lends it to a sense of order and grace.


  • Faber-Castell Polychromes Pencil – Black

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