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Building Your Personal Style | Part 2 with Bill Perkins

Building Your Personal Style | Part 2
Create Your Own Personal Style In this second part of his workshop, Bill dives deeper into the fundamentals of developing a style

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Bill Perkins
Art Theory, Drawing
2h 8m 45s
Building Your Personal Style Workshop

In this video lesson, we are pleased to bring you recordings from an NMA Workshop with Bill Perkins from February 2014. In this workshop, Bill tackles the intimidating and complex subject of building one’s own personal style. In this second part, Bill goes further into the fundamentals covered in Part 1. He will begin with an analysis of the primary elements of design throughout history, examining various periods of art and their use of Line, Mass, and Form. He will then cover Major and Minor Keys, and how to create tonal clarity within your work. Bill will also show many examples of his design work for various films, and will discuss the choices he made to create distinguished styles for each. This lesson will conclude with an assignment to help you practice the concepts you have learned. Stay tuned for the release of the remaining parts of this workshop!


  • Stabilo CarbOthello Pastel Pencils – Black, English Red Deep


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