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Elements of Traditional Composition with Glenn Vilppu (2013)

In this Learning Path, Glenn Vilppu offers you a rich understanding of the complex subject of composition in fine art. Glenn lectures, demonstrates, and analyzes the Old Masters in his usual straightforward and concise style as he digs down to the practical tools of composition and how they can be applied to your own work.

8 Lessons 7h 27m 39s of videos

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Level 3

Common Questions

Is this Learning Path recommended for beginners?
This is a more advanced Learning Path, so we do not recommend it for beginners.
Does this Learning Path include assignments?
Yes, Glenn recommends a few assignments to practice the concepts you have learned. We also recommend drawing along with Glenn and copy the demonstrations to get the most out of this Learning Path!
Do I have to use the same materials as Glenn?
Not at all! You can use whatever materials you prefer to study this Learning Path.
Ellen Eagle