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    painting and writing at the same time                        My love for the arts has been similar to one I feel for that first love; that youthful love for my early 10 years, which I remember as the most endearing and platonic. It is not a passing love, because it refers me to the day I met him, even if I never knew about him again; it is part of my life story and it will always be lodged deep in my heart.

    This idealized love, similar to the one I feel for arts,  made me decide my career in Architecture and then in Graphic Design. When I got married, very young, my children and my marriage took that place; they had more weight and I separated almost completely. I only approached him in my country house, in solitude, when the children went to play at the lake; then, I would put my easel and paint for hours, until the sun went down. It was at that time that I met him again but I didn’t take it with me, it escaped, I still don’t know why. Bur, something in me was captured, I´m sure because my children – the three of them -, decided on careers related to art; Music, Architecture and Industrial Design. I also returned to the University and I met him through books, theory, Fine Arts, literature.

    When studying philosophy and letters I stumbled upon a more mature love … just as important, possibly more at times, but that first love is stronger, it catches me, it loses me, it attracts me and I fall in love again; makes blood flow through my veins, it nourishes me, it makes me happy like that first love.

    During this time of confinement and solitude, in which I find myself alone as in those twilight afternoons, that lover has winked at me again. And, again I was hooked … then, the days are short, not even enough time. I take notes, practice, and paint in my spare time.

    I had never been more active; today I have an urban garden, I have an online Reading Circle and I teach Literature at distance for teenagers, but nothing is enough for me: I wait all day for my time alone with my pencils, I would like the afternoons to be longer and the mornings short; I can´t wait for jumping between the Russian technique drawing with Iliya Mirochnik, the Leo Mancini sight drawing, the rendering with Chris Legaspi, the watercolor with Mark and I want to meet the whole great team. But I don’t have time. I need a honeymoon … with nothing but my papers and my oils and watercolors.

    Thanks for listening to me. I´m Verónica, thanks to all wonderful humans for being there. Anyone, to tell me what I feel is normal? Or, better yet, some crazy person who feels the same way as me?

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