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    shazia juna
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    I do like the NMA courses overall, and in conjunction with secondary resources (books) it is a very valuable learning platform. I came across some information on the nature and properties of paper and pencils given in the Fundamentals course, which I felt was inaccurate. So I sent two enquiries directly to the NMA team and have so recieved no reply, and it has now been over 3 weeks.

    My suggestions are not going to be popular, but here they are:

    1. Keeping this forum active for students who don’t wish to use social media (including Discord). Maybe offering one of the course tutors on a monthly basis to select some questions on the forum and offer their suggestons.
    2.  More technical and historical aspects of art materials maybe added to the courses: for example, … the information regarding the paper surface in the Fundamentals course is inaccurate (making it clear that the major ingredient in both wood-pulp and cotton paper is Cellulose, the difference between the paper made from cotton is that cellulose fibres are longer than the cellulose polymer chains derived from wood. Yellowing or non-archival properties of paper is due to the presence of lignins.) I spent over 10 years of my life researching the nature of polysaccharides, so please NMA read my messages I sent over 3 weeks ago. But my point is there a lot of scope for developing the course content here.
    3. Sustainability issues: choice of materials (environmentally friendly, or not), waste disposal, handling of pigments safely.
    4. Recommended Reading lists for their respective courses for students who wish to delve deeper into the subject.
Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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