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    In this series, artist Danny Galieote tackles a challenging topic that everyone eventually faces: how to find your personal voice as an artist. This first lesson will cover Danny’s influences on Looseness, Rhythm, and Appeal. He will discuss various Pontormo works as well as a variety of animation drawings that helped to shape his voice as an artist. At the end, Danny will assign an exercise to help you put the ideas he discussed into practice.


    • Digital Tablet
    • CarbOthello Pencil – Burnt Sienna
    • Caran d’Ache Supracolor Soft Aquarelle Pencil – Scarlet
    • General’s Kimberly Drawing Pencil – 6B
    • Prismacolor Ebony Pencil
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    7 minutes into the pontormo analysis and I’m exhausted. I’m going to watch Mr Galieote’s series because I’m really interested in the over-all subject matter, as I feel lost in establishing/finding my own style. But he’s like “and look at this line here.” and “I love this here. How I can tell that the shoulder is working harder….and this curve here. I love this part and I love this part”.
    It’s exhausting because I see these things as basic anatomy – not artistic brilliance. Like, that line curves that way because that’s a hip, and the model is seated in such a way that if that line wasn’t there, it would be a whole other issue. Yes, the figure is rendered beautifully, but I’m not getting the excitement over any particular line choices. Tricep, thigh, shoulder……
    I know. I’m only 7 minutes in, but I saw the discussion button and wondered if anyone else had quickly been frustrated by how the lesson feels poorly improvised.
    Only 7 minutes…
    I hope this isn’t a waste of time….
    7 minutes…..what do I know anyway? I don’t know anything. This is gonna be great.
    7 minutes down. Back at it….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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