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Building Your Personal Style | Part 1 with Bill Perkins

Building Your Personal Style | Part 1
Learn the Fundamentals of Design and Develop Your Artistic Style Bill Perkins will break down the principles

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Bill Perkins
Art Theory, Drawing, Painting
1h 3m 40s
Building Your Personal Style Workshop

In this video lesson, we are pleased to bring you recordings from an NMA Workshop with Bill Perkins from February 2014. In this workshop, Bill tackles the intimidating and complex subject of building one’s own personal style. In this first part, Bill gives an introduction to understanding style and how we as a society as well as individually develop our own sense of what we find aesthetically appealing. You will learn the importance of understanding various art forms throughout history, and how to create visual connotation with your work to create a story. This lesson will conclude with an assignment to help you practice the concepts you have learned so far. Stay tuned for the release of the remaining parts of this workshop!


  • General’s Charcoal Pencil
  • CarbOthello Pencil – Black
  • Letraset Marker Paper
Beginner Friendly

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