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How to Draw Hands

Besides the human head and face, hands are the difficult subject matter to create in art. Many artists resort to drawing hands very simply and gesturally or even avoid showing hands in their work altogether! If you have struggled to draw convincing, expressive hands in your work, this course is perfect for you! Drawing from multiple courses in the NMA library, this course will give you a crash course in the structure, gesture, and anatomy of hands. Join realist painter Kamille Corry, figurative painter Steve Huston, and master draftsman Glenn Vilppu in this comprehensive course and stop hiding those hands in your work!

4 Lessons 10h 35m 30s of videos

Level 1

In this lesson realist painter Kamille Corry walks you through the anatomy of the hand and fingers. Kamille breaks down the critical shapes characteristics and forms that you need to create convincing hands in your own art, covering the muscles, tendons, and bones in a clear and straightforward manner. Materials Thin Vine Charcoal Conté Crayon […]

Level 2

In this highly in-depth lesson, master artist Steve Huston shares with you his approach to tackle an area of the human body commonly found to be difficult to draw: the hands. Steve begins the lesson with a lecture, covering the characteristics of every part of the hand including the wrist, thumb, fingers, fingernails, as well […]

Level 3

In his human anatomy series, world-famous artist and instructor Glenn Vilppu breaks down the complex subject of anatomy for you with easy-to-understand diagrams and conceptual tools. In this lesson, Glenn analyzes the neck, breaking down the major forms as well as the anatomical components of bone, muscle, tendon, and subcutaneous tissue. You will gain a […]