Composition for Visual Artists

Renowned Disney Art Director, painter, and art theorist, Bill Perkins will teach you the foundations of composition in this comprehensive course. Whether you want to paint, draw, or design for entertainment, this course will give you the tools you need to understand the components of art and style and how to use them to create a more effective and controlled experience for the viewer.

15 Lessons 31h 19m 9s of videos

Level 1

We are pleased to share with you a 10-week long class brought to you by Art Mentors! In this class, renowned Disney art director and instructor, Bill Perkins, will teach Composition for Artists. This class will comprehensively break down the fundamentals of design and artistic composition. You will learn how to gain a better understanding […]
Instructor Bill Perkins will analyze the different elements of Composition, diving deeper into the explanation of components such as Line, Tone, Color, Shape, Rhythm, and Direction. In this first lesson of a series, Bill begins by addressing the importance of your initial figure ground relationship and how placement is your first step to creating context. […]

Level 2

Level 3