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The Portrait in Watercolor Lesson 3: A Female Portrait with Mark Westermoe

The Portrait in Watercolor Lesson 3: A Female Portrait
A Romantic Pose Do a Careful Drawing

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In This Lesson:

From this lesson, you can learn how to model a head with color. This time Mark paints a female portrait on the cold press illustration board. He chose a very rhythmical, classic, romantic type of pose which will take three lessons to complete. First Mark does the graphite drawing part, then he puts down the base tones and goes into detailing the facial features. After that, Mark works on the hair and the darks, he demonstrates how to achieve a full range of value in your painting.

In This Course:

Learn to paint the portrait in watercolor with this new course from the late Mark Westermoe.

Mark Westermoe was a renowned artist, illustrator, and instructor, known for his work on many feature film posters such as Braveheart, Total Recall, and Home Alone.

Mark will cover all the tools and materials youʼll need for work in watercolor. You will start with small watercolor sketches and work your way to painting finished portraits using the Reilly Method.

You will learn to not simply copy your subject, but to add your own attitude to your portraiture.

In Mark’s words: “Try to bring yourself into whatever subject youʼre drawing or painting. As long as you have that youʼll maintain your interest.”

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