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Refining Your Vehicle Sketches: Perspective and Detailing with John Frye

Refining Your Vehicle Sketches: Perspective and Detailing
Advanced Refinement Techniques in Vehicle Design Learn advanced perspective, detailing, and shading for vehicle sketches.

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John Frye
Entertainment Arts
Design, Sketching
Adobe Photoshop, Digital Tablet
1h 56m 52s

In this lesson, instructor John Frye guides you through advanced refinement techniques, elevating your concept designs. You’ll focus on enhancing perspective, detailing, and shading, particularly in developing wheels and tires and their relationship to the vehicle’s body. Frye also demonstrates methods for effectively shading sketches, including a detailed study of a vehicle’s rear-view. This lesson will allow you to create more intricate, complex, and visually appealing vehicle designs.

This lesson belongs to the course, Vehicle Design and Sketching. In this 5-week course, join instructor John Frye to learn the art of hard-surface vehicle design and sketching. Discover the fundamental differences between hard surface and organic sketching, focusing on creating designs that feel solid and manufactured. John will guide you through aesthetic development, aiming for universally appealing designs while considering the narrative context. Explore symmetry, movement, and perfecting your line work for manufactured objects. This course will sharpen your skills in both conceptual thinking and practical execution, making it ideal for artists who aspire to bring unique, story-driven vehicle designs to life in film, gaming, or personal creative projects.

Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.

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