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Quick Sketching the Figure with Danny Galieote

Quick Sketching the Figure
Master the Art of Quick Sketch! Learn techniques to give your quick sketches movement and appeal

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Danny Galieote
Drawing, Figure
Conté Pencil, Kneaded Eraser
2h 49m 14s

In this lesson, master draftsman and painter Danny Galieote will provide a variety of examples of drawing the figure with a quick-sketch approach appropriate for two to five minute poses. You will learn how to use gesture, opposing rhythms and general alignments to get a solid lay-in of the figure. Then you will be given several techniques for quickly indicating the overlapping and wedging forms in order to lead the eye. These techniques will help to give your quick-sketches solidity, movement, and appeal.



  • Conté Sketching Pencil – Black
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Safety-Edge Razor Blade

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