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Perspective 8: 2 Point Ellipses, Objects, & Scenes with Erik Olson

Perspective 8: 2 Point Ellipses, Objects, & Scenes
Learn Perspective for Artists Erik will show you techniques for drawing complex forms using multiple ellipses

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Erik Olson
Drawing, Painting, Perspective
Colored Pencil, Graphite Pencil, Paper, Ruler
6h 35m 42s
Perspective for Artists

Artist and veteran instructor, Erik Olson demonstrates the behavior and drawing of multiple elliptical objects from the more simple all the way to a fully realized spiral staircase. Views looking down and looking up in 2 Point perspective are demonstrated as well as how triangular objects are set up. This Lecture concludes with a digital draw over a very odd Jan Steed painting.


  • 45-45-90 Transparent Triangle Ruler
  • 30-60-90 Transparent Triangle Ruler
  • Alvin Pro-Matic Lead Holder – 2H Lead
  • Alvin Rotary Lead Pointer
  • T-Square Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencil – Red/Blue
  • Paintbrush
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Hard Eraser
  • Helix Technical Compass
Beginner / Intermediate

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