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Figure Sculpting in Clay: Part 6 – Resolving the Lower Body with David Simon

Figure Sculpting in Clay: Part 6 – Resolving the Lower Body
Figure Sculpting in Clay Resolving the Lower Body

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David Simon
Modeling & Sculpture
Human Figure
Oil-Based Clay
4h 27m 3s
Figure Sculpting in Clay

In this series, David Simon shows you his entire process for sculpting a female figure in oil-based clay. In the sixth lesson of this series, David begins by reevaluating the model as a whole. He then revisits the lower body, dealing with the knee, lower legs, upper legs, and blocking in the feet. He also spends some time blocking in the head. With the exception of the hands and some awkward transitions in the arms, David brings the sculpture to a better sense of balance in form.

A sculptor of international acclaim, David Simon’s career has ranged from life-size portraits and figures to massive bronze statues. David created maquette and sculptures for films such as Where the Wild Things Are, Fantastic Four, and Watchmen, and holds private workshops abroad and in his Los Angeles studio.


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