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Composition for Visual Artists | Week 8: Space with Bill Perkins

Composition for Visual Artists | Week 8: Space
Learn the Fundamentals of Design and Develop Your Artistic Style Explore different methods of using and organizing space your compositions

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Bill Perkins
Conté Pencil
1h 59m 42s
Composition for Visual Artists

We are pleased to share with you a 10-week long class brought to you by Art Mentors. In this class, renowned Disney Art Director and Instructor Bill Perkins will teach composition for artists. In this 8th lesson, Bill will discuss the various types of space found within an image, and the qualities of those different types of spaces. He will also analyze selected images and demonstrate how and why those images convey a particular type of space.


  • Conté Charcoal Pencil
Beginner / Intermediate

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