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An Introduction to the History of Figurative Sculpture Live Class – Current Class Recordings with Jason Arkles

An Introduction to the History of Figurative Sculpture Live Class – Current Class Recordings
Uncover The History of the Past Explore the figure in sculpture from the past to present

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  • Lesson Details
Jason Arkles
Modeling & Sculpture
Art Philosophy
Marble, Oil-Based Clay
15h 34m 36s

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Class Description

In this Live Class, instructor Jason Arkles will guide you on an 8-week expedition through the evolution of Western sculpture, from the ancient periods of Greeks and Romans up to the contemporary era. You will be exposed to diverse approaches to sculpting techniques and the influential movements and artists that define each era. Each week, Jason will work with you in exploring a different epoch of Western sculpture, deepening your comprehension of the art form and its historical context. This class is not just about technical proficiency, Jason will also delve into the storytelling and design aspects of sculpture, helping you understand the narratives and artistic impressions that have shaped our perception of the human form and the world. With Live Classes every week, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Jason any burning questions you might have. Moreover, each week will build upon the knowledge gained in the previous session, ensuring you’re continually progressing and refining your understanding.

Check out Jason’s Podcast: http://www.thesculptorsfuneral.com/

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