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An Introduction to Animal Anatomy with Joe Weatherly

Expert animal draftsman and painter, Joe Weatherly, breaks down the complex subject of animal anatomy using clear and easy to understand concepts. You will learn how to tackle a wide range of animal types and you will gain a methodology for quickly drawing any new animal with confidence and force.

10 Lessons 9h 3m 15s of videos

Level 1

Common Questions

Is this a good Learning Path for beginners?
This is a more advanced Learning Path, so we do not recommend that you start here if you are a beginner.
Joe uses a digital tablet throughout this series. Do I have to use digital media to complete this Learning Path?
No, you can use whatever medium you prefer to complete this Learning Path.
Are assignments included in this Learning Path?
There are no assignments included in this Learning Path. We recommend that you draw along with Joe, copy his demonstrations and take notes to get the most out of this series.
Ellen Eagle