Sight-Size Portrait Drawing: Making Final Adjustments and Refining

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    In this lesson, instructor Amy Florence will demonstrate the third session of a sight-size portrait drawing. You will learn how to make final adjustments to your values and drawing. Amy will teach you several ways to refine the portrait, such as adding a variety of marks to the background, designing the shape of the collar, adjusting the expression of the face, and many more.

    This lesson belongs to the course Size-Sight Portrait Painting. In this 12-week course, you will study how to use the sight-size method in portrait painting. Amy Florence will introduce you to several materials needed for sight-size drawing and painting. She will teach you the basics of oil painting while demonstrating on a cast. Then, you will practice the sight-size technique on a portrait drawing and learn the preparatory steps for a portrait painting; they include creating value and color studies. Lastly, Amy will show you how to execute a life-size portrait painting and a large-scale portrait painting with hands. After this course, you will become more proficient with your handling of oil paints and be able to capture any portrait with confidence.

    Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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