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    Brittney BachBrittney Bach
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    I don’t have the premium. Are there are websites with good reference pictures?

    Josh Cottle
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    Here are a couple of websites with free references:

    However, most of the images aren’t specifically taken with figure drawing in mind, therefore the lighting, poses, etc. are not ideal for someone learning (in my opinion).


    This studio sells reference image packs that are actually aimed at artists, for a reasonable price:

    For $12 you can buy a reference pack which usually has a specific theme. Some contain 300 or so references, others have 1500+


    Alternatively, you could go outside and sketch people you see. This is a lot harder but will help a lot if you stick to it!

    Natalie MontelongoNatalie Montelongo
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    Hello, Brittney! The premium subscription is only $10 more per month (even less if you choose to purchase an annual subscription) and includes access to over tens of thousands of high-res photos of diverse models in hundreds of poses.

    Many artists have shared with me they find our image library to be the very best offered in online art education, I hope you’ll consider giving the premium subscription a try. 🙂

    Curtis HayesCurtis Hayes
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    Croquis cafe is free and has videos of life drawing models in various timed poses – it’s excellent for figure drawing! 👍


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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