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    New Masters AcademyNew Masters Academy
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    In this three-part series, Chris Legaspi covers everything you need to know about beginning portrait drawing, from start to finish. In this final lesson of the series, Chris goes over the last step in the portrait drawing process: rendering. Chris will do several demonstrations throughout the lesson, using a variety of different materials and stylistic approaches. Following the shorter demonstrations, you will have an assignment that will give you a chance to put these concepts into practice, and then have the ability to watch Chris’s version of the same assignment. The lesson will conclude with a three-hour charcoal demonstration of a male, allowing you to take in every step of Chris’s rendering process from start to finish.


    • Sharpie Marker
    • Drawing Paper
    • Faber-Castell 9000 Pencil – 2B
    • Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencil – Black
    • Prismacolor Colored Pencil – Black
    • Ballpoint Pen – Black
    • Willow Charcoal – Thick and Thin Sticks
    • General’s Charcoal Pencil – 2B
    • Hogs Hair Bristle Brushes – Round, Large and Small
    • Kneaded Eraser
    • Mars Staedtler Plastic Eraser
    • CarbOthello Pencil – Black
    • Conté Charcoal Pencil – 2B
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    CC is lost. What happen?

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    I feel like I’m completely missing a step! The last lesson we go from laying in shapes (big circles for the eye sockets, boxy noses, circular shapes for the lips) then suddenly this one we’re banging out fully rendered features. Almost feels like there needs to be a message in between this lesson and the last that basically says “Hey, go learn to how move past symbol drawing before going into this lesson.” I’m being shown how good rendering looks but I don’t feel like I’m being taught how to get there in this one. And I also think that’s being compounded by the demonstrations because they’re not even using the steps we learned in the last lesson. Like, I’m sure the instructor has them in mind when he’s crafting these renderings but they’re not being shown on the page so it’s hard to follow the logic.

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    Claire Dickinson
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    It would be really helpful (and less frustrating) if the reference images were available with the course. I would like to draw along with the video, but the displayed photographs are just too small to use.

    Joshua JacoboJoshua Jacobo
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    Claire, that’s not be design. My apologies. I’ve asked a team member to add those images ASAP.


    Cuff, this is more of an accelerated overview of portrait drawing stages. For more of a comprehensive course on construction I recommned:

    Constructive Head Drawing with Steve Huston

    Renaissance Head Drawing with Glenn Vilppu

    The Frank Reilly Illustration Drawing Method with Mark Westermoe

    Or the Russian Drawing Course with Iliya Mirochnik


    These courses deal with anatomy, construction, the features and are much longer and more in depth.

    Joshua JacoboJoshua Jacobo
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    Claire, this has been fixed. The images have been added back!


    Yan Ho
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    I can’t find the part 1 on new site. Seems like the lesson on new site jumps straight to part 3. How can I start with part 1 which I found only on old site


    Daniel DaigleDaniel Daigle
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    Hi Yan Ho, for issues with the new site, you can report bugs in the left panel, or you can email “info@nma.art” please try to be as detailed as possible and include screenshots and links



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