Portrait Drawing for Beginners | Part 1: Planning Your Portrait

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    In this three part series, Chris Legaspi covers everything you need to know about beginning portrait drawing, from start to finish. In this first lesson of the series, Chris goes over the steps to take in the planning phase of your portrait drawings. He will begin with a thorough lecture that covers the first two steps in his process: Observation and Placement. Chris will demonstrate these steps by analyzing a variety of different model references throughout. Following the lecture, you will have an assignment that will give you a chance to put these concepts into practice. The lesson will conclude with Chris’s version of the same assignment, allowing you to compare your work with his.


    • Sharpie Markers
    • Drawing Paper
    • Digital Tablet
    Luis CarlosBustamant
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    I feel like Chris’s enthusiasm for his work draws me in as much as Rey Bustos manages to with his incredible love for anatomy. Thank you Chris for doing this lesson, you totally sold me on this in the first few minutes 😀

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    I learned so much watching Chris and listening to his instruction. It has opened my eyes and has made a huge improvement in my drawings.

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    I like Chris’s approach to asking the deeper “whys” when approaching a drawing. But ironically, he shows a  a picture of a woman on all fours\on knees and asks “what is she doing?”

    Me: “being an example of the male gaze?”

    Many of the photos/reference are great. This example just struck me the wrong way.

    Jessica Carbajal
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    This class is so soooo good!  Chris I love your approach to teaching, you’re articulate & personable, & you’re really present in these videos.  I appreciate you so so much.  I just got the free trial version of NMA today, this is the first class I’ve done & I couldn’t be happier.  So grateful for you, Thank you Chris & NMA<3

    Tanner McFadyen
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    This looks great, I’m going to be doing most of the courses in a linear format, but when I get to this one I’m sure it will be beneficial considering I’m mostly a portrait artist. I’m loving the material that you guys are offering here. I’m 11 hours into the beginner course and I’m picking up tons of really useful fundamental skills. I bet this course will really reorient my portrait drawing skills in the right direction.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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