Mixing Colors and Starting the Underpainting in a Still Life Painting

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    In this lesson, instructor Cornelia Hernes will teach you the foundational steps to embark on the underpainting phase of your still-life artwork. You will delve into an in-depth exploration of colors, understanding their nuances and mastering the techniques to mix them accurately. Cornelia will guide you through the block-in process, starting with the robust strokes of hog hair Bristol brushes, gradually transitioning to smoother brushes for refined details. Emphasizing the importance of observational tools and skills, she will demonstrate how to authentically express colors and values, ensuring each element in your composition resonates with its true essence. By the end of this lesson, you will have a solid grasp of the underpainting process, setting the stage for the subsequent layers of your artwork.

    This lesson belongs to the course, Introduction to Still-life Painting II. In this 15-week course, immerse yourself in the intricate world of still-life painting with a focus on observational techniques and composition. Guided by the expert hand of Cornelia Hernes, you’ll delve deep into the art of capturing still-life in its most vivid form. Starting with the basics of composition setup and brainstorming, Cornelia will introduce you to the nuances of color theory, the importance of lighting, and the role of texture in bringing objects to life. You’ll explore the significance of each element in a composition, learning to give each its due importance. The course will also cover advanced techniques like imprimatura, sight-size drawing methods, and the art of capturing transparency in objects like glass bottles. Cornelia’s hands-on approach ensures that by the end of the course, you’ll not only have a deep understanding of still-life painting but also the skills to create pieces that resonate with realism and depth.

    Throughout this course, you’ll have access to the NMA community for feedback and critiques to improve your work as you progress.

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