John Asaro Painting Approach: Figure Painting Process

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    In this demonstration, master artist John Asaro shares his approach to creating brilliant, lively works of art while painting a female nude. John will share his set-up and materials and outline his approach to painting the figure in oils. Then John painting a nude female from photo reference, sharing his techniques and thoughts from start to finish.


    • Reducing Glass
    • Handheld Mirror
    • Mahl Stick (or Wooden Dowel)
    • Viva Paper Towel
    • Projector
    • 3′ Square Cardboard Box Painted Black
    • Green Gel
    • Stretched Canvas
    • Hogs Hair Bristle Brushes
    • Artists Grade Oil Colors
    • Linseed Oil
    • Graphite Pencil
    Summer Voelker
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    I loved this, but I didn’t see him using the mirror or the green acrylic covering for the projector. Did you just not use the projector at all because of noise? We didn’t get to see how it looks inside the box. I also would love to know more about his more colorful, less traditionally colored paintings, where flesh local colors are more teal or purple all over. Are his photographs lit like that or is that a result of gels put over the projector?

    Thank you for the thorough walk – thru. I especially liked the lessons on center line, it was enlightening.


    Charlie Abraham
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    Thank you John Asaro for demonstrating techniques on softening edges and introducing the artist rendition of gesture and flow.  I especially appreciate your lesson on painting in the artists style rather than rending a copy of the reference image.   It’s refreshing that your lessons guide the art and the artist rather than give strict instruction on technique.

    Nancy Alain
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    John’s lessons freed me of some habits I had developed over the years. Have watched it more than once and have learned alot!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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