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    My name is Ernest and I’ve just started to learn drawing this year. It has been a while as I used to draw comic/manga characters when I was a teen and 15 years fast forward, I am going back into drawing. I also just discovered digital art and is learning bit by bit about it.

    course of Steve Huston should I proceed next?  Also am learning from Chris Legaspi on photoshop which has been interesting so far.


    Morgan Moore
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    Hi Ernest! I also just started here, but have been drawing for a while. I really enjoy Steve huston’s constructive head drawing course, as I like portraits. What I like to do is find a project idea I want to execute (portrait painting) and then work towards learning what I need to make that happen. a bit more manageable than trying to learn everything at once. Although I did just start vilppu’s figure course…

    Joshua JacoboJoshua Jacobo
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    Welcome, Ernest! I would second Morgan’s recommendation and suggest you try some of Glenn Vilppu’s courses. Specifically Renaissance Head Drawing.


    Also would start the Russian Drawing Course as well for more solid foundations and also Mark Westermoe’s Reilly course.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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